Do Asian Women Fear Asian Men’s Revenge? ('Escape From Plan A' Ep. 22)

A recent cartoon calling for reconciliation between Asian men and women incited polarized anger. Jess and Chris examine why that happened.

2 years ago

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Recently, an Asian American artist named Joshua Luna sparked an Asian American online outcry with his comic (“Reconciliasian”) that listed Asian men and women’s wrongs against one another and called for reconciliation. Jess and Chris discuss what may have caused the extremely polarized reactions on both sides and why Asian women may worry that any acknowledgment of internalized racism will be interpreted by Asian men as carte blanche to attack all Asian women.


The following are edited excerpts from “Do Asian Women Fear Asian Men’s Revenge?”, the 22nd episode of Plan A’s podcast, Escape From Plan A.

I also think that this [outrage over Luna’s comic] is not really about facts. A lot of it is about emotion on both sides. You look at these arguments and it does really resemble this childhood 2nd-generation psychological… “Trauma” is a bit severe, but all the things you go through as a 2nd-generation Asian kid. I don’t think we’ve ever found a way to resolve any of it and as we grow up, we never deal with it.

— Chris

My feelings on [Esther Ku] is pity, really. I don’t find her funny. I don’t find her that talented. I know that she’s been doing this for quite a while, but her reach is quite small. The silence around Ku is not about supporting her or enabling her in any way. It’s just silence. We don’t want to support her. But we don’t want to add to the shitpile that’s being heaped on top of her…. I’m trying to bring some visibility to what’s probably going on in the minds of Asian women who find her wrong, but also don’t want to have their words used as ammunition [against all Asian women].

— Jess

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Published 2 years ago