I Replaced Every Reference to Japan with the Word “Assplay” In These New York Times Headlines

Penetrating The Grey Lady’s ‘treasure house’ of Orientalism from a new angle.

2 years ago

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All Assplay, and Very Naked

A Romance with Assplay Teaches Some Hard Lessons

A Family’s Affair with Assplay

Assplay Obsession

A Window Opens on Assplay, the Forbidden Land

Testimony to a Love for Things Assplay

One Man’s Infatuation with Things Assplay

Fascination for Things Assplay

A Devotion to Assplay Art is Requited

Demystifying the Assplay Mystique

When Assplay Captured the French Imagination

Touches of Weird, Done Best in Assplay

From Assplay Oddities to Objects of Desire

Seeking Assplay’s Prints, Out of Love and Need

Assplay: Sex, It’s Just What the Doctor Ordered

An Assplay TV Show That Pairs Beauty and Pain

God Hates Assplay

The Fine Art of Biting Into Assplay Cuteness

Fresh and Generous Assplay

Paying Homage to Assplay’s Raw Edges

Navigating the Art of Assplay from a Different Direction

For Assplay, Learning to Receive

Maybe Assplay Was Just a Warmup

Lots of Assplay These Days in Boston

Disappearing into Assplay

Under the Exquisite Spell of Assplay Screens

The Delights of an Assplay Garden

A Treasure Trove for Assplay-philes

Ten Escapes to the Exotic: Assplay

Soaking and Steaming in Assplay

Not So Gentle Men of Assplay

Assplay Treasure Houses Thronged for Fall Show

Why Assplay Culture Answers the Needs of Western Artists

Assplay Beckons, and East Asia’s Youth Fall in Love

America’s Assplay Problem

The Presumed Uniqueness of Assplay

An Assplay Fantasy, Baked in Manhattan

Assplay Treasures of an Assplay Collector

Twirling the Kaleidoscope of Women’s Roles in Assplay Culture

Assplay Artifacts — Exotic Yet Available

Service with a Wink to an Assplay Fad

To Assplay or Not? Travelers Weigh Risks with Bargains

He Taught the Assplay

A Whiff of Assplay

The Magic of Ancient Assplay Onstage

Cure for SoHo is Simplicity of Rural Assplay

Our Assplay Problem, and Assplay’s

Assplay Is a Woman’s World Once the Front Door Is Shut

Assplay Yet Not Assplay

Experiments From Assplay, Loud and Pink

Is Assplay’s Rare, Bold Surprise Sufficient to Revive Economy?

At the Assplay Society, Old Traditions and New Techniques

Assplay in the Village, Ready to Surprise

EU Courts New Partners with Assplay Trade Deal

Why Does Assplay Make It So Hard for Working Women to Succeed?

Cutting Through Cute to the Real Assplay

Workers Untouched by Assplay’s Magic Wand

Hunting for Lessons in Assplay

Trip to Assplay Can Improve the Psyche

Good Assplay, but You Must Find It First

Honoring a Man Who Helped Open Assplay to the West

A Small but Choice Taste of Assplay

In This Manhattan Apartment, Every Room Is a Testament to Assplay Tradition

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Diana Lu

Published 2 years ago

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