‘Ramy’ and Gender Tensions in POC Stories — ft. Isha Patnaik, Doug Kim, and Dan Chen (’Escape From Plan A’ Ep. 102)

Comedian Isha Patnaik and filmmakers Doug Kim and Dan Chen join Diana and Chris to discuss the gender fights arising out of POC-centered shows.

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by Plan A Editors

An article in The Atlantic criticized the show Ramy (a comedy/drama about a 20-something Muslim American man in New Jersey) for its unfairness to Muslim American women. This fits a general pattern in which contemporary young POC narratives get accused of ignoring or even slandering one gender of its community (see also Master of None, Atlanta, The Mindy Project, The Big Sick, and Just Doug). Isha Patnaik (comedian), Doug Kim (actor), and Dan Chen (director) join Diana and Chris to talk about whether these fights are inevitable or not.

Isha Patnaik is a Boston-based comedian and her website can be seen here.

Doug Kim is the creator and star of Just Doug and his webseries can be watched here.

Dan Chen is a writer and filmmaker and his short Ella (among other works) can be watched on his website.

Twitter: Isha (@ishapatnaik), Doug (@sweetjustice), Dan (@goodbyeriley),

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Published a year ago