Analyzing NPR Invisibilia’s Podcast On Racial Attraction (‘Escape From Plan A’ Ep. 75)

Jess, Diana, Teen, Chris, and Ray discuss the latest NPR Invisibilia episode that explores racial biases in sexual attraction.

5 years ago

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by Plan A Editors

Plan A has followed the tumultuous path of the latest NPR Invisibilia episode that explores the science of racial biases and prejudices in attraction, especially from an Asian woman’s point of view. From the onset, certain Asian Americans tried to suppress the episode. Thankfully, the episode has come out and is one of the most honest and thought-provoking discussions of a topic that’s become increasingly difficult to ignore (and not just for Asian Americans). Jess, Diana, Teen, Chris, and Ray (returning guest from the Brooklyn Hammer Homicides episode) discuss the episode in depth.

Note: Jess and Chris were among the many consulted to help out with the Invisibilia episode and they are proud of have been a part of it. And much thanks to Yowei Shaw for making the NPR Invisibilia episode happen. The episode can be heard here.

Twitter: Ray (@raydeng),

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Published 5 years ago

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