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Latest Podcast Celebrity, Adoption, and Power — ft. Yasmin Nair ('Escape From Plan A' Ep. 261)
by Plan A Editors

Dear readers and listeners,

Almost two years ago, we created Plan A Magazine because we knew that in Trump’s America, nothing would be the same again. Realignments and re-evaluations, and maybe revolutions, were happening everywhere and Asian Americans had to be a part of that. But we also knew that most mainstream platforms were completely inadequate in conveying the real thoughts and feelings of many Asian Americans. By the time anything Asian American made its way to the New York Times, CNN, or Buzzfeed, it’d be as flavorful as boiled lettuce.

Since our articles were first published in late summer of 2017, we’ve made a name for ourselves for saying the things many Asian Americans feel, but don’t feel comfortable voicing aloud because we’re so busy with our 2nd-generation version of face-saving. We also created a weekly podcast, Escape From Plan A, which we hope has shown that we can all get together and talk about difficult issues while being friends. We’ve released 80 episodes as of now.

Making money was never even a remote objective of ours, especially since all of us have day jobs. That economic independence has been a source of liberation and creativity. It is our highest priority to maintain that. For all of us, this is a passion project that has become an integral part of our lives. We can’t even imagine what it was like before we were able to talk about the things we talk about or had met all the people we’ve met through this.

But it’s also a fact that money can make a major difference. What we’re hoping to create is a model in which small and grassroots donations can be used to create independent platforms for fresh and exciting Asian American voices. Both traditional and digital media are suffering, so while this grassroots model won’t be the total solution, it can at least help.

Out there, we know there are Asian Americans with verve and insight who may nevertheless feel they have no place in the status quo mainstream. We want to find and elevate these people. By supporting our Patreon, you’d be directly aiding what may be an Asian American Renaissance in self-expression. None of this Patreon money will go to unjustly enrich ourselves. As we said, we’ve already got jobs and for many of us, the reason we work is so we have the freedom and security to do things like Plan A. The money will all go towards furthering our mission, the drive that made us come together in 2017 and have kept us going.

Not only will you be a part of this new Asian American spirit, but you’ll also get bonus episodes of our podcast as well as access to a special Discord (a chat room) where you’ll get to meet other likeminded people.

For the past (almost) couple of years, it’s been an honor and pleasure to get so much feedback from those who’ve found our material helpful. Please help us get to a new level by becoming a patron:

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