Growing Up Mixed-Race Asian — ft. Sharon H. Chang (‘Escape From Plan A’ Ep. 65)

Writer/activist Sharon H. Chang and guest C.S. Taniguchi join Chris in talking about their experiences as mixed-race Asian Americans.

5 years ago

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by Plan A Editors

Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that mixed-race Americans are one of the fastest growing racial category in the United States (and a particularly young demographic as well). A popular idea argues that the “beigeing” of America will naturally lead to decreased racism, but is it more complicated than that? Special guest Sharon H. Chang (author, photographer, and activist) and returning guest C.S. Taniguchi share their experiences with Chris on what it’s like to grow up mixed-race Asian and what their thoughts are on the future of mixed-race America.

Sharon H. Chang is the author of Raising Mixed Race and Hapa Tales and Other Lies, both of which are available at her website.

C.S. Taniguchi has contributed the articles Gatekeeping America: White Supremacy Is Our Immigration Policy and East of Human, Less Than Man for Plan A.

Twitter: Sharon (@sharonhchang),

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Published 5 years ago

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