Is ‘The Hate U Give’ The New ‘Crash’? (‘Escape From Plan A’ Ep. 49)

"The Hate U Give" has been getting rave reviews, but Teen, Chris, and Millie examine some of the troubling aspects of the well-made film.

6 years ago

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by Plan A Editors

The Hate U Give is the new movie starring Amandla Stenberg that’s based on the bestselling YA novel about a Ferguson-like incident where a policeman kills an unarmed young black man. The movie has been universally acclaimed, but it is not without its faults, especially with regards to how much responsibility it places on the black community for police violence.

Teen, Chris, and Millie talk about the pros and cons of the movie and wonder if it will age as badly as another once-heralded race-conscious movie like Crash.

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Published 6 years ago

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