Modern [Yellow] Love, Pt. 1 — ft. John “Baiceps” Bai ('Escape From Plan A', Ep. 98)

Mark, Teen, Chris, and guest John Bai (and his biceps) talk about the NYT Modern Love article by Andrew Lee.

5 years ago

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by Plan A Editors

Emergency brake! We had plans to release another episode this week, but on Friday, July 12 the Modern Love section of the NYT published an article by Andrew Lee (“When a Dating Dare Leads to Months of Soul Searching”), in which he talks about getting engaged to an Asian American woman who had avoided dating Asian men before. Mark, Teen, Chris, and guest John “Baiceps” Bai talk about the underlying message of this article and what it portends for the future of Asian America.

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Published 5 years ago

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