Trying To Make It In Show Business (‘Escape From Plan A’ Ep. 52)

Jess hosts this podcast with writer/director Millie, actor Quyen, and writer/actor David, to talk about being a minority in show business.

6 years ago

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by Plan A Editors

Show business, and creative industries in general, are difficult to be successful in for all people. But for minorities, there is an added burden of limited opportunities and community pressures to either not do it at all or be perfect at it. Jess hosts this discussion with two Asian women — Millie (a writer/director) and Quyen (an actress) — and an African American man — David (an actor/writer and first-time guest of this podcast) — to get a sense at what some minorities in America have done in the process of working in show business.

Twitter: Millie (@onemillicentcho), Quyen (@_quyenngo), David (@an_publisher),

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Published 6 years ago

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