Twitter Lunacy — High school cliques, sock puppets, and more! (‘Escape From Plan A’ Ep. 46)

Teen, Chris, Mark, and Sammi discuss the separate Twitter dramas about Joshua Luna, Celeste Ng, Briahna Joy Gray, and DeRay McKesson.

6 years ago

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by Plan A Editors

Twitter may be a mad circus, but there are still real people and real emotions powering that spectacle, which means important things can still be learned from it. What’s the meaning behind Joshua Luna’s Nerds of Color brouhaha involving (yet again) WMAF? Or the Celeste Ng and Louis Leung mess involving fake male allies and sock puppet accounts? And what does Black Twitter’s drama over Briahna Joy Gray vs. Tariq Nasheed, as well as the recent outburst against DeRay McKesson in Ferguson, have to do with Asian Americans? Chris, Teen, Mark, and Sammi try to make sense of all this (and Sammi wonders if she should indeed get a Twitter account).


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Published 6 years ago

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