What ‘Hustlers’ Gets Wrong About Sex Work — ft. Red Canary Song (‘Escape From Plan A‘ Ep. 126)

Kate, Jia, and Lillian from Red Canary Song (an Asian sex worker activist group) join Diana and Chris to talk about issues in the sex worker industry.

5 years ago

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There’s a lot to be commended about the movie Hustlers, but as a source of information about the realities of the lives of sex workers, especially Asian sex workers, it has its blind spots and relies on old Hollywood tropes. Red Canary Song is a grassroots collective of Asian and migrant sex workers and allies, starting with the Chinese community of massage parlor workers in New York City. Its co-founder, Kate Zen, along with members Jia and Lillian, join Diana and Chris to discuss important issues facing sex workers and their own experiences in the industry.

Twitter: Kate (@katezenlove),

Instagram: Red Canary Song (@redcanarysong), Jia (@dominajia), Lillian (@theparhelia)

Visit Red Canary Song at:

Red Canary SCREAMS event on Nov. 2:…ets-73691847299

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Published 5 years ago

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