Why Asian Americans Should Give A Shit About The Techlash — ft. Jimmy Wu and R.K. Upadhya (‘Escape From Plan A‘ Ep. 128)

In the latest entry in our tech series, Filip is joined by Jimmy Wu and R.K. Upadhya in a discussion about how the techlash affects AsAms.

5 years ago

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In the third iteration of the Plan A tech series (prior episodes here and here), Filip talks to guests RK and Jimmy about the surge in activism and labour activism in the tech sector in the past few years. They tackle the question of where Asian Americans fit in amongst the tech-lash, and why we should care, beyond just the fact that we’re highly represented in this world-affecting industry.

Twitter: Jimmy Wu (@jimmyjwu),

Read Jimmy’s Wu Commune Magazine article, Optimize What?

Read R.K. Upadhya’s Science For The People article, Lessons from the Long Sixties for Organizing in Tech

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Published 5 years ago

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